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Atkins Diet Testimony

Jason's Story

When I tipped the scales at 194 pounds (from 139 pounds) I realized I had to do something. If I didn't, I was going to weigh at 200 pounds - no question. Right about the same time, my friend mentioned Atkins diet - she'd lost 14 pounds in about 2 weeks eating steak smeared with butter. Within a couple of hours, I had the book and was making resolutions, I was with the Low-Carb regime with almost no question asked.  

Fern's Story

When looking at my pictures before the Atkins diet, I almost cried!  I saw all the "side-chunk".   The pictures made me determine to lose weight!  I think everyone should take before and after pictures no matter how you look.... 

Jennifer's Atkins journey

I've been on Atkins diet on and off for the last 10 years. But let me tell you I was doing it all wrong. I looked at it solely as a diet, not as a way of life eating plan. So every time I would lose the weight, I would go off the "diet" and gain the weight right back. Now I treat it as a way of life.  It did not only improve my physical outlook but also my mental perception....

The Last Diet I'll Be On....

Influenced by some of my co-workers who were doing the "Atkins thing", I decided to go on the "last diet Iíll ever be on...."

My Low Car Adventure

When I follow the Atkins diet closely, I feel great!  I sleep better, have more energy and I am happier. I truly believe that this way of life works the best for me and anyone who wants to lose weight and feel great.....!

Crystal's Living with Low Carb

Life is good. I have been in maintenance at my ideal weight for over 3 years now, and I love this diet more now than ever. Besides allowing me to be thin for life without much constant exercise, hunger and deprivation, eating this way has eliminated the chronic fatigue syndrome.  It is the best plan ever for total health.

I asked myself "How did I get here?"

When people ask me what I eat, I love to tell them a gourmet list and watch their eyes glaze over. They seem to think that I must have given up an awful lot. The only thing I gave up was a load of fat and the thinking that attach it to my body......

Jenny's Journey

I have decided that Atkins diet is my way of life after losing 14 pounds in 2 weeks!

Katherine's Story

I am happier, healthier and more energetic, after my Atkins diet induction plan, my next step is work outs and weight training and make it my way of life.



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