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Atkins Diet Pro and Cons

Pros of Atkins Diet

  • You'll start to burn fat for energy and loss pounds once you start Atkins diet induction phase : Since you have restricted your carbohydrate intakes which are the body's primary energy source, you'll start to use your secondary energy source, you own body fat for energy.

  • You won't feel hungry in between meals: By cutting the carbs, you'll maintain a more even blood sugar level throughout the day.

  • Your overall health will improve and you'll feel better: Many of the toxins you take into your body are stored in your fat cells. By getting your body to burn stored fat, you allow it to clean itself out. 

  • Clinical studies indicate that cholesterol and triglyceride levels drop significantly while on Atkins diet and level of HDL "good" cholesterol rises.


Cons of Atkins Diet

  • It causes bad breath or more precisely known as ketone breath which is likely to last during the induction phase of Atkins diet.  Drinking more water and chewing little fresh parsley every now and then will help to reduce the bad breath.

  • Atkins diet is not recommended for people with kidney problems.

  • Risk of alcohol intoxication is higher when someone is in ketosis. Thus, the person who undergoes Atkins diet (anyone actually) should avoid excessive intake of alcohol.

  • Some people might feel nauseous due to ketosis.



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